Fabio Levratto

Fabio Levratto

Fabio Levratto


Head of laboratory since 1986, he has been a professor at the Gaslini Institute in Savona and the Universities of San Raffaele in Milan, San Martino in Genoa and Rome and a member of the Oral Design Italia group.

Since 1992, he has been a founder, member and teacher of ISTAD (Istituto Superiore Tecnologie Avanzate Dentali) and SICED.

Lecturer at the Wieland Course Centre in Pforzheim and in Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Spain), the Middle East, Canada and the USA.

Author and co-author of publications and articles.

Since 2001 he has been working in the Principality of Monaco.


Pupil of dental technician O. Turillazzi.


Second prize in the international competition "Parallelometro d'Oro" and winner in the "Documentation" section, 1999.

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